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Car Show Display – DIY

As many car show fans know, car show display stands can be very expensive.  You can use the metal stand with the display top, but they cost more than $300 each.  You could use a show display that has a few photos of your car and costs anywhere from $50-$100.  However, if you make any changes to your car, you’ll need to buy a new display.  I found a better option and I would like to share it with you.

I had two goals for my display stand.  First, I need it to be inexpensive.  If I had a ’69 with matching numbers and 500 original miles, I would buy a professionally made stand for hundreds of dollars.  However, I put my budget at $100 since I’m in the shows for fun.  I found a display on eBay that allowed updates to the display for little cost.  The display was listed for $59.  If I wanted a custom 8.5×22 print (pictured above), it was an extra $40.  I purchased the blank display stand for $59.  My plan was to create two 8.5×11 sheets in Photoshop and print them on my color laser printer.  If you don’t have Photoshop and a color printer, you can just use Microsoft Word and take it to Kinko’s to print.

Here are photos of my finished display stand that cost just $59!  If I make any changes to the car, all I need to do is take out the old info sheets and insert the new info sheets.


  • Smooth,clean design
  • Double wall construction
  • Tough, polished polyurethane finish with molded through color will not crack, chip or peel
  • Acrylic protective sheet with U.V. stabilizer is removable to access graphics
  • Uses 2 standard 8.5 x 11.0 page format
  • Maximum display size is 10.5 wide by 23.5 high
  • Can be filled for more stability
  • All Stainless Steel hardware

The manufacture of this stand is:




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