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Heritage grille logo swap DIY guide

If you have a Heritage grille and installed it yourself, you know it’s a time consuming process.  The thought of changing the emblem on the grille brings flashbacks of your grille installation.

When I purchased my 2012 45th 2SS, I had them swap my heritage grille from my 2011 2SS/RS to the new car.  The heritage grille had a black “SS” emblem from Sparks that matched my blackout theme of my old car.  However, the blask “SS” logo doesn’t fit the new car at all.  I wanted to use the the gold bowtie on this car, but it needs a “landing pad” for use on the heritage grille.

Rather than go through the grille installation steps, I thought it would be easier to access the logo via the engine compartment.

There are 14 bolts/screws/push clips/bumpers that need to be removed for this swap.  Below is an overhead photo of everything that needs to be removed:


Step 1: Start by using your pry tool to remove the six plastic push clips.


Step 2: Use a T30 trox to remove the two torx screws:


Step 3: Use a 10mm socket to remove the four 10mm bolts:


Step 4: Unscrew the two rubber bumpers:


Step 5: Once all of the bolts/screws/push clips/bumpers are removed, slide out the metal radiator cover panel:


Step 6: You can see the rear of the Sparks SS logo in the photo below.  Remove the two screws and take off the logo:


Step 7: Below is a photo of the inside of the grille with the Sparks SS logo removed:


Step 8: Unpack your bowtie landing pad:


Step 9 : Install the landing pad, replace the cover and replace all of the bolts/screws/push clips/bumpers.

Step 10: Stand back and admire your grille!

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