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Tonneau cover retaining posts install DIY guide

When I purchased my new 2012 45th 2SS convertible, the tonneau cover retaining posts were in a bag along with the cover in the carrying case.  I didn’t want to risk having the cover blow off.  I thought I would install them myself rather than take the car to  a dealer and lose the car for a day.  The installation wasn’t too bad at all.

* Not all Camaro convertibles come with a tonneau cover.  If you buy one for your Camaro later, you’ll need to install these posts to ensure your cover does not come off during use.

Step 1: Gather the tools needed, a pry tool, a 10 mm wrench and a T30 torx

Step 2: Pull off driver side rear molding

Step 3: Pull off passenger side rear molding

Step 4: Pull off center rear molding

Step 5: Using the pry tool, remove the top plastic push rivet behind each rear seat

Step 6:  After the plastic push rivet is removed, insert the retaining post into the hole

Step 7: Here is a front view of the retaining post, the far end of the post and the end of the bolt create a small gap which will hold the tonneau cover strap in place

Step 8: Below is the rear view of the post with the nut in place

Step 9: Repeat the process for the passenger side retaining post

Step 10: Replace all of the molding you removed in steps 2, 3 & 4

Step 11: In the photo below, the tonneau cover strap is attached to the new retaining post

Step 12: Finish putting the tonneau cover in place


That’s it!  Now get a beer and brag to your friends!



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