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While You Were Complaining About The 2014 Camaro Z/28’s Price, It Has Sold Out!



Yes, we know the 2014 Camaro Z/28‘s $75,000 price makes it out of reach to most of us. We also know the price is a tad shocking to the Camaro brand (which has always been relatively affordable aside of the race-only 1969 ZL1). But Chevrolet didn’t produce the Z/28 to be a populist statement of a road-hugging pony car—rather, it’s the Camaro version of the Corvette Z06. So while you were complaining about the price, Chevrolet has already sold all 500 planned for 2014.

However, Chevrolet has plans to build another 2,500 through 2015, so all is not lost, well-heeled readers. AutoGuide.com reports that Camaro chief engineer Al Oppenheiser says Chevrolet may build even more if demand suggests.

Like certain muscle cars of yore, Chevrolet characterizes the Z/28 as something more for track use and not a daily driver. It decontented the Z/28 to save weight, only allowing functional items aside of a single stereo speaker, but that was a concession to safety regulations that required a turn signal to play over the audio system. The more civilian front seats were ripped out for race-ready Recaros, while the suspension system received a complete overhaul and the  implementation of Multimatic DSSV dampers. The Brembo carbon ceramic brakes on the Z/28 are also a rarity for anything south of $110,000. Meanwhile, air conditioning is optional. All of the results of which lead to the 2014 Z/28 being more or less a racecar with turn signals.

In another four to six weeks, you will be able to order a 2015 Z/28. But we bet the ’14 model will be more of the one to have on the collector market.

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