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Momentum Chevrolet Holds 3rd Camaro Clinic With More Hands On Experience



CamaroNews – On March 22nd Momentum Auto Group Motorsports held it’s Camaro Clinic at Momentum Chevrolet. This Clinic features a live pads swap featuring the Hawk Performance Street/Race Pads. Featured Chevrolet Performance Factory Rep Jeff James going over the DIY Brake Bleeder Kit, ShowStopper’s was present showing off some of their amazing 5th Gen Camaro products, and they touched on getting more Camaro’s out to AutoX events. They even had a PC based Racing Simulator from Hamilton Racing Promotions on hand for people to run some Virtual Laps on the platform.   Attendees got a first hand view of the proper way to remove the factory brake pads, and the installation of the Hawk Performance Yellow Box Street/Track pads. Once installed, Chevrolet Performance Factory Rep Jeff James used the bleeder bottle to demonstrate how one can use this to bleed their brakes, even by themselves. Jeff displayed a brake bleeder kit that is available through the parts department at Momentum Chevrolet.   Al from ShowStoppers brought out his Camaro SS with some amazing looking parts on it, from the LED upper strut bar, to the center ported dual exhaust, and LED lighting under the hood. Momentum chevrolet will be carrying the ShowStopper line out here in California.  Joel Hamilton from Hamilton Racing Promotions is the one who hosts the Camaro Clinics at Momentum Auto Group Motorsports. He did a presentation regarding local AutoX events, and how easy it is to get into this driving discipline. He showed examples of 5th Gen Camaros doing very well in AutoX competition, and talked about some of the Chevrolet Performance parts that would make the Camaro a force on the skid pad. AutoX­ing your Camaro looks to be a fun, safe and inexpensive way to have some fun in your Camaro, while competing at the same time. Joel even brought out his racing simulator to the event so attendees can have an opportunity to take some virtual laps on the sysytem.

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