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V8 Poor Performance Fix

Many owners of 2010-2011 Camaros already know of the “fuse pull” to address poor performance of their V8 engines. However, I thought I would revisit the issue for new 2011 Camaro owners, or owners who have purchased their 2010-2011 Camaros used. At the time of this article, I have not heard if the 2012 models will recalibrate themselves automatically.

The problem is that the 2010-2011 Camaro will calibrate itself based on the fuel’s octane. If 85/87/89 octane is used, the calibration will cause sluggish or poor performance in a V8. The problem is not solved by filling the tank with higher octane as the Camaro does not recalibrate itself automatically.

In order to recalibrate the Camaro, you must complete the following steps:

  • If your Camaro has low octane in the tank or if you’re not sure what fuel is in the tank, run the tank as low as possible to get rid of the low octane fuel.
  • Fill the tank with a high octane fuel, preferably a 91/93 blend.
  • Fuse #5 and fuse #20, which are both 15amp fuses, need to be removed. Let the car sit for a few hours or overnight if possible. (see photo below for location of the two fuses and the fuse puller)
  • Reinstalled fuse #5 and fuse #20. As you drive, the car will recalibrate itself based on the higher octane blend and you should notice a considerable performance difference.


Fuse #5 – Engine control module main
Fuse #20 – Engine control module/ignition


FYI – For 2010-2011 Camaros, GM recommends regular (87 octane) for the V6 and premium (91 octane) for the V8.

Disclaimer – This problem and solution has been well documented all over the web. accepts no responsibility for any issues that may arise. Please check with your dealer if you have any questions or concerns.




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