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2014 Camaro Z28 #1 and #2 Just Delivered To Rick Hendricks Chevrolet


Good evening CamaroNews Fans. We all new the day would come and today was a special day for Rick Hendrick Camaro enthusiast and dealer. It’s no secret he owns a lot of Vin#1’s in all forms of the 5th Gen body. Today was a big day as Vin#1 & Vin#2 were delivered to Rick Hendricks Chevrolet. It looks that he ordered a Black and Silver 2014 Z/28. Its rumored that Vin#3 and#4 went to GM as a part of a collectibility format. So the first allowable Vins to the public will be Number#5 and so on. You can bet that Number #5 will be a hot track down for enthusiasts trying to buy as our source says it we be delivered to Jeff Gordan Chevrolet. It looks that Vin#6 is heading to a dealer somewhere in Sandford Florida. No matter how you put it the Z/28 is not only Iconic, but a car that chevrolet needed to get right. It’s a perfect note to close out the 5th Gen. CamaroNews is proud to salute Team Camaro and look forward to seeing these rare beasts on the road. As always CamaroNews is always bringing you the hottest camaro news.


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