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Famed V12 Camaro Announced for Chevrolet Nationals Weekend Engineering Marvel Coming to Carlisle in June

CamaroNews – CARLISLE, PA  A Camaro by itself, one just off the assembly line, can offer its owner power, style and performance without much additional effort. These steerable rides are not uncommon on the National Parts Depot snowfield at the Carlisle Chevrolet Nationals. Along with those daily drivers, the grounds have even more cars, Camaros or otherwise that have seen many an afterrket upgrade. Basically, every car at Carlisle turns heads, but none will turn more heads than a special V12 Camaro that will be part of the indoor Building T display. That’s right, a 12-cylinder car is coming to Carlisle in June and for just the price of admission, it can be seen all weekend.

Full Press Release below!


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