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Jackie Eason Renders To Tease Your Mind!


CamaroNews – If you don’t know him by now, than you haven’t been watching the hottest render artist of the CamaroSix himself. Jackie Eason also know as the AKA The Wizard, named by the has done some really hot renders. He has taken what looks to be the high performance hood with some other goodies to make your dream of what the next high output model from Chevrolet would look like. These renders are the most tasty yet, we cannot wait for the real thing to finally show it’s face. Until than enjoy the wizard’s hot renders that make you scream WHERE IS THE NEW ZL1!

12218252_958082787592482_1056991543_o 12227974_958082774259150_731432007_o 12218862_958082777592483_2112462345_o 12242751_958082780925816_1760527904_o 12227518_958082790925815_1274188158_o 12227500_958082810925813_1860751994_o 12236762_958082717592489_675165425_o 12218199_958082724259155_430658107_o 12236877_958082757592485_719554743_o 12236446_958082754259152_1028154209_o 12218307_958082734259154_805126740_o 12227930_958082740925820_862510332_o


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