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1970 Camaro Z/28 Tribute



CamaroNews – We found this car on this morning, well it’s not real but a great looking tribute to drive to shows and local cruising.

This 2nd gen. Chevy Camaro is a prime example of what 1970s muscle cars were all about. It has essentially been restored to the condition it was in when it came out of the wrapper, horseshoe shifter, four-spoke steering wheel, and all.

Fit and finish is excellent with keen attention to detail. From the cowl hood to the low-rise spoiler in the back, this car has been thoroughly gone through (less than 1000 miles since). That said, many of the styling cues have been changed from the originals to clone a Z28. The list of parts that have been replaced on this car is most likely longer than those that are original. Glass, moldings, lights, trim, interior, fuel tank, drive shaft, brakes, shocks, and more are all-new. Radio has been replaced with a Retro Sound AM/FM unit with MP3 and USB capability.


  • 350 with 350 Turbo.
  • New Dual Exhaust System.

Rear End

  • 10-Bolt Rear Differential.
  • 2.73 Gear Ratio.

New Body Parts

  • Quarters.
  • Trunk Pan.
  • Rear Body Panel.
  • Passenger Floor Pan.
  • Hood.

This car runs and drives as smooth as silk—no clunks or rattles.

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