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1980 Camaro Z28 2nd Gen – Starting To Become On Collectors Hot List 78-81

CamaroNews – We all know this is a generation of smog and low horsepower, but they are starting to become on collectors hotlists. We just had Barrett Jackson last week and that auction sometimes sets the trends for what’s to come. We have done some research and it looks that 78-81 Camaro Z28’s are starting to get hot. We all know the new Camaro fully opted out with SS is 50k and the new ZL1 with loaded options and taxes is far north 0f 70K. This has some of the camaro faithful opting out this generation and snagging up older generations of their childhood. The 5th Generation had a huge connection with the camaro community in multiple ways, but we do know the later 2nd generations are starting to gain interest because today you can pick them up for a song, but prices are starting to head north!

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