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Gas Monkey COPO Camaro CRC Turned Street Legal!



CamaroNews – When Gene Schmidt of Bismarck, North Dakota stumbled upon a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a 2013 COPO rolling chassis (CRC) COPO, that Richard Rawling of Gas Monkey Garage was offering, he jumped on it. Realizing the number 18 out of 20 serial rolling chassis, body-in-white would match perfectly with the number 18 out of 200 stamped aluminum ZL1 Ram Jet engines that Gene had laying around, he hustled to make sure he could marry the two halves together. Soon after, plans were in motion to build the first and only street legal COPO in the world, that is currently for sale right here on . This is not only rare, but a cool idea to have one of a few legal COPO Camaros! Check out the as the car is for sale for 140,000.

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