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JDP Motorsports – 2010-2012 Camaro RS Color Changing Halo Package

JDP Motorsports – 2010-2012 Camaro RS Color Changing Halo Package

This Camaro RS package halo color kit includes everything needed to make your Camaro stand out at car shows and on the street! Now you can have colored halo’s on your Camaro without damaging anything, or introducing the possibility of water leaks in your $800 headlight. Factory RS headlights are required for this kit, and will be available as a complete headlight and halo kit for non-RS Camaro’s in the near future.

Choose from 8 different static color modes, 6 different “show” modes, turn the kit on and off, and turn the brightness up or down, all via a wireless RF remote. The wireless RF remote does not require line of sight, is small enough to comfortably fit in your pocket (about the size of a credit card, just thicker), and is operational up to 30 or so feet away. Since this utilizes the factory RS halo ring, the colored halo is a clean, smooth stream of light, and is actually a little brighter than the factory halo light. It is installed without permanently damaging anything, so if wanted, you could easily return everything back to factory condition and operation without any problems. It features an interior LED indicator light to see what color and mode is being displayed, even while driving. It features a switch which lets you use constant battery power, or ignition switched power. You can have the switch turned to ignition so whenever the ignition is on, the halo’s will be on, driving night or day, parked, etc, which eliminates the need for an additional harness to turn the halo’s on while driving, and you don’t have to worry if you forgot to turn them off. Or you could flip it to constant battery power to keep them on while driving and even while the ignition is off, for car shows, or just to look cool in the parking lot. The whole kit will basically be plug and play, with just a few wires needing to be connected with screws and such, no soldering or splicing required!

Product Features

  • Utilizes the factory RS halo rings
  • Has 8 static colors to choose from (white, aqua, blue, orange, red, yellow, green, purple)
  • Has 6 different display “show” modes
  • Has a wireless RF remote control
  • Has an interior LED to see what color/mode it is on
  • Can be switched on with battery power or ignition power
  • Can run for hours on battery power without draining a decent battery
  • Is brighter than the factory halo light
  • Does not require the headlight to be baked, and torn apart
  • Can be returned to factory lighting without problem
  • Includes everything needed
  • Includes thorough installation instructions with video, plus the excellent JDP support
  • Does not require soldering or splicing of wires
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping!

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