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Product Review – Sequential LED Tail Lights

Product Review – Sequential LED Tail Lights

I researched a few different sequential tail light options for my 2011 2SS/RS.  I wanted a black tail light with a sequential pattern.

This video demonstrates the lights I purchased.


Because they don’t have a brand name, they might be hard to find on eBay.  Search “Sequential LED Tail Lights” and they cost about $250.

PLEASE NOTE: They are sequential until the lights are turned on. Once that happens they lose their sequential pattern. For my car black was more important than sequential. I mention in the video to buy the other sequential LED tail lights if red lights are acceptable to the buyer.

The photos of the different colors of this product look like this:

Ease of Installation:

Product Quality:


Overall Satisfaction:


The video below is the other sequential LED tail lights option that I researched.  This is the one that had the cool wavelike sequential pattern and the car show setting.  If you’re looking to buy this version, Apex has them here:




The final video shows the wiring harness option. Jason from also shows the installation steps, which you will find helpful regardless of which option you choose.


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