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The Chevrolet Camaro Performance Air Suspension Kit

Review By: SOPMOD

I recently purchased the Air Suspension Kit looking for something different. I already had lowering springs and could not justify the cash to upgrade to a coil over set up. I figured if I was going to spend some money I would spend the money on the Air Lift kit. I saw the kit installed on a few Camaros and they look Bad Ass!

I am new to the whole air bag scene so this was a learning experience to say the least. The install will require a lift and more than just basic hand tools. No modifications were made in the front and there is some minor trimming required in the rear spring pockets.

Once we removed both rear springs we applied the template that was included in the instructions. We then cut the spring pockets with an air body saw.

After the cutting was done the rear bag installation was the reverse of the spring removal. When we had the rear bags in place we moved to the front.

No modification was necessary in the front, remove the struts and replace with the bags. The sway bar link may make contact with the stainless air hose. If you grasp the bag and the lower housing the top can be rotated to allow the necessary clearance. 

Once we had all four bags installed we then routed the air lines from each corner back to the trunk where the manifolds are located. 

The front lines were routed to the rear on both sides. We drilled one inch hole in the trunk pan and passed all four lines though a rubber grommet.

I mounted both the front and rear manifold along with the ECU next to the battery in the spare tire compartment to hide the clutter.

After the Manifolds and ECU were mounted I then routed the control panel data cable and the accessory power feed under the carpet and into the console. I used the green 12 volt wire used to power the 12 volt accessory socket. The yellow wire connected directly to the positive battery terminal and the white wire to ground post in trunk. 

The compressor and the five gallon tank were mounted to a piece of ply wood temporarily in order to get the system working. We will be making a custom tank that will be mounted in the spare tire compartment also. The five gallon tank include in the kit takes up too much room in the trunk for my application. 

This is a well-designed kit and I could not be happier with my purchase. The support from the manufacture is nothing short of phenomenal. Jeremy from Air Lift worked with me every step of the way and was always happy to spend the time on the phone answering questions. You will not find better customer service.

The kit will take every bit of a weekend to install. Read through the instructions a few times. The most important recommendation I can make is take your time.

I also want to clear up the ride misconception. This air bag system feels tighter and rides much nicer than the original factory or aftermarket springs. Springs cannot be tuned and coil overs require tuning at each corner. The Air Lift system can be tuned from the control panel in a matter of seconds. Also note that every over the road truck rides on air. This is truly a tried-and-true system. I’d like to thank my Brother Bobby for the help & entertainment!


“Rule the streets and conquer the track with the most versatile suspension available for your 2010+ Camaro! Great ride, lowest drop and awesome handling. Only from Air Lift.
Photos of an install by Air Lift:

Jeremy Hart
1-877-253-4125 ex. 255
2727 Snow Rd Lansing, MI 48917

Superior Air Suspension Solutions MADE IN THE U.S.A!


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