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Operation Mend

Good afternoon, Camaro Comrades, Firebird Friends, and Corvette Cousins……

Those of us who are privileged to live in the United States and Canada have freedoms that are the envy of the world.

These freedoms didn’t come easy – they didn’t come cheaply – and they didn’t happen without so many men and women making so many sacrifices —

Chevrolet Performance Division is a major sponsor of “Wheels Healing Wounds” through “Operation Mend.”  Established in 2007, Operation Mend is a pioneering program that combines the best of our Military’s resources with the skills of UCLA Health System for an approach to healing U.S. Military personnel wounded and disfigured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You can read more about Operation Mend here:  
What can YOU do?   Most of you are members of one or more Enthusiast Clubs.  Please forward this information to your members – -and as you discuss your shows in the next year or two, it may be an organization that you can support with a donation — and it’s a very worthy cause.

“Protecting us cost them almost everything — helping them costs us almost nothing……”

Our  thanks for your consideration……………

John Fitzpatrick
Cheryl Pilcher
Scott Settlemire

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